Striking Stitches, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


Minimum charge $7.00
Minimum order - one item.
Each embroidery task can have up to 12 colours, with no additional charge.

* Email your .JPG .PNG or .PDF file now for a free quote. *

For text only, up to 10 mm high.
One line: One or two words, $8
Two lines: $10
Three lines: $12

For text only, 11 - 30 mm high.
One line: One word, $8, two words, $10
Two lines: $12
Web address: up to 15 characters - $10, 16+ characters - $15

For text only, 55 mm high. ie towel or back of clothing.
One word (up to 4 letters) $15, one word (more than 4 letters) $18
One word and picture, from $25
Two words: $18, two lines: $25.
A discount will apply for repeats of the same item.

If graphics are included the price is based on number of stitches.
The more colour (stitches), the more it will cost. To keep costs down, perhaps consider outlines, rather than filled colours.
Please feel free to forward your logo for a free quote.

For the front of a shirt, most logos will cost $10 - $18 to embroider.
This sample will cost $13.
Novelty items will cost $15.
Fancy dress embroidery like this will cost $20.00

If your logo has been embroidered before, the people that did it should be able to provide you with an embroidery file.
If this file is in either .DST or .GEN format, I will be able to use it. This may save you a digitising fee.
If I have the font, there is no cost to set up text only logos.
To digitise a detailed logo, there is a flat fee (once only) of $25 - $40.

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